Microservices architecture

What are microservices?

Until relatively recently, applications were always programmed as monolithic, self-contained entities. As some of these applications became more complex and unwieldy, it started to make sense to break them up into smaller components. Carve out some functionality, create a separate application, and enjoy the benefits of a smaller codebase, leaner team, and independent development pipelines. These separate components are called microservices. Microservices operate independently, so they can use different coding languages and even be replaced or improved without affecting the application as a whole. Microservices even use different databases. They really focus on their own area.

What can Blocshop help you with?

Starting a new project or dealing with an unmanageable behemoth of an application? It’s time to decide whether microservices are right for you. Blocshop has years of experience in implementing microservices solutions and migrating legacy systems to microservices architecture.

Implementation of microservices

The architecture enables continuous delivery. Simplify security monitoring, as the various parts of the app are isolated. The code for different services can be written in different languages.

Move monolith to microservices

Break off pieces of a legacy monolith into microservices. The outcome is a process whereby we set up the microservice architecture. Usually a larger project on an ongoing basis.

Our partners

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What’s the Blocshop process?

1. Specify your requirements

You tell us what you need, and we discuss what might work for your unique case. Once we understand your business, our team will create a document to specify your requirements. This design process is critical to making sure that you get what you want at the end of the project.

4. Quality assurance

Once the app has been coded, our team will test it on lots of devices, browsers, and do a thorough job of trying to break it! We want you to be sure that the custom application will be reliable and fully tested when you start using it.

2. Finalize the feature plan

You review the project plan and make sure that our ideas meet with your expectations. We finalize milestones and deliverables and give you a final cost estimate.

5. Launch the app

Your custom web application is ready to work hard for your business. We will deliver and deploy the application and you can start using it.

3. Develop your web app

Blocshop gets stuck in and starts to code. We work in two-week sprints with delivery and an optional demo after each sprint.

6. Continuous maintenance

Part of the Blocshop commitment is that we will continue to maintain and fix your web application even after delivery. If something goes wrong, we’ll be there for you.

How long does it take to implement microservices?

Blocshop’s approach is to start with a fixed price for a minimum viable product (MVP) and work according to a three-month contract. After the MVP is up and running, our clients can decide to add features or just stick with maintenance for the time being. We believe that this gives you the best balance of investment and return. You don’t commit resources to an endless project that suffers from feature creep, but you always have the option to do more once the MVP proves its worth.

Many of the companies that come to Blocshop for a one-off project become long-term partners and rely on our teams to add to the original application or work on other systems, going further in their optimization and improvements than they had initially planned.

How much does it cost?

While the cost can vary depending on your needs, we understand that you might want a rough estimate before you get started. The average Blocshop project lasts for three months, needs three full-time developers, and costs around EUR 50,000. However, a complex project might need more developers, more time, and cost up to EUR 250,000.

But because Blocshop always starts with an MVP, you can be confident that a project will only increase in cost once that stage has been reached. Tell us more about the type of application you need and your specifications, and we’ll get back to you with a software project estimate.

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