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What does the calculation include?

High-level app functionality

High-level description of proposed functionality. This will be a list of stories that describe what we will build in clear, easy to understand terms.

Scope of the project

What you can expect to implement. Tweaks and bug fixes – or big changes such as integrations with other systems, databases, strictly secure.

Size of the dev team

Total number of people involved in the project. This isn’t always just software developers – it can include analysts, project managers, or QA testers.

Project time frame

We’ll factor in your deadline and adjust project effort to meet it, e.g. 3 developers on a project for 1 month, or 1 developer for 3 months.

In order to receive your price calculation, it will be necessary to plan a call with the Blocshop sales team.

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Tips on allocating your software project budget

1. Start small, build your MVP first

Blocshop recommends that you start with a fixed price for a minimum viable product (MVP) and work according to a three-month contract. After the MVP is up and running, you can decide to add features or just stick with maintenance for the time being.

2. Don’t focus on a particular programming language

It’s better not to insist on developing your software project in a specific programming language. Instead, focus on the goal and set clear requirements. Choosing the technology stack at the beginning of the process can limit your options and increase costs.

3. Prioritize features and integrations

Projects that take too long and have many integrations are often costly. Rather than one big launch or update, give your users time to test a few of your features. And decide accordingly. There’s usually no need to build features that users won’t need at the beginning. Fewer features means better budget allocation.

4. Prepare well

For programmers, there is nothing more frustrating than constantly changing requirements. We understand that projects change, but sometimes these changes result from a lack of preparation. The more changes during the development phase, the more your budget and launch deadline will suffer. Plan properly and avoid these problems.

5. Review your project timeline

While software development companies like Blocshop are flexible regarding resources, setting tight deadlines (or milestones) make the project more expensive. It’s a question of effort. Let’s say you put 6 developers on a medium project to meet a 1-month deadline. Unfortunately, there’s always some waiting around. For instance, setting up the server might take 3 days, during which some of your 6 devs have to wait before starting work on another phase. That’s a waste of resources. The same amount of effort might be achieved by 2 developers on a 3-month project, with less time spent waiting. It is generally more efficient to use fewer resources for a longer period.

6. Choose the cooperation model that fits you

There are two main cooperation models in software development: 1. fixed price, 2. time and materials. The first means that the timeframe, requirements, and price of the project are fixed. This model is ideal for the beginning of the relationship with your development partner. The second works well for ongoing projects, where you pay development costs on an hourly basis. Don’t forget to agree on your preferred communication channels and arrange regular demos so you can keep track of progress.

Need help? Let Blocshop do the software planning and development for you.

Answer a few questions to get your custom cost breakdown.

While the cost can vary depending on your needs, we understand that you might want a rough estimate before you get started. The average Blocshop project lasts for three months, needs three full-time developers, and costs around EUR 50,000. However, a complex project might need more developers, more time, and cost up to EUR 250,000.

But because Blocshop always starts with an MVP, you can be confident that a project will only increase in cost once that stage has been reached. Tell us more about the type of application you need and your specifications, and we’ll get back to you with a project estimate.

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