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Based in Prague with offices in Brno and Tbilisi, Blocshop is a community of top software engineers building best-in-class solution for clients around the globe.

We are proud of our mantra “keeping our commitments since 2012” as it emphasizes our company-wide focus on perpetually meeting our objectives. We care deeply about staying atop technology trends and leveraging that expertise to maintain lasting relationship with our colleagues and clients.


Core cooperation models

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Custom Software Delivery Model

Engage our full-stack resources for complete delivery of your project. Blocshop will transform your business concept or requirements into validated and fully-functional software. We will take accountability for the project and manage the complete cycle of delivery.

Effectively trasform your vision into a product

Don’t invest resorces into sourcing and managing a development team

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Dedicated Development Team Model

Add additional resources to your ongoing project capacity. Eliminate the complexity of hiring and onboarding competent software engineers, Within a short time-frame, we will establish and integrate a dedicated development team for full-time allocation with your own in-house project team.

Maintan control over your in-house development practices

Scale development resources according to requirements

The journey to your custom software solution starts here.


Meet the operations team


Greg started his career as a developer before transitioning into a management role in 2015. He has worked for a startups as a devoper and as a CTO in SMEs, as well as a few large corporations.He believes that if a software idea can be conceived, it can be implemented.


Bringing value to your project


Fintech Regulatory Expertise

We have deep regulatory expertise with open banking APIs and fintech applications. Our team's understanding of financial regulations enhances the security and functionality of banking software and new digital products, ensuring compliance in API integration and application development.


Effective MVP Creation

We engage in collaborative partnership models to efficiently develop and launch Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). This synergy accelerates the MVP creation process, blending Blocshop's expertise in software development with client visions to bring new digital products to market swiftly and effectively.


Innovation-driven Approach

Blocshop believes in innovation-centric methodology, integrating advanced AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) into custom software solutions. This approach fuels the creation of new groundbreaking digital products and helps optimize the performance and functionality of existing software.


Cybersecurity Focus

We prioritize robust cybersecurity measures in the development of APIs and custom software. We focus on the protection of data across all stages of software development, particularly in standalone application development, safeguarding against threats while maintaining competitive software development prices.


Expertise in Data Migration and Synchronization

Our developers have specialized skills in transferring and synchronizing data across systems, which is critical for software updates and the development of new digital products, and ensures seamless data integration.

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We believe in continuous self-improvement

After more than a decade of existence, Blocshop has a proven track of delivering world-class software to its clients while attracting diverse talent to our Czech and Georgian locations.

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