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Prague & Brno, Czech Republic / Tbilisi, Georgia

Angular Developer

Prague & Brno, Czech Republic / Tbilisi, Georgia

.NET Developer

Prague & Brno, Czech Republic

Senior Java Developer

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Connecting our values with our actions since 2012!


Business Minded Professionals

Stakeholder management, business process re-engineering, operational performance, internal politics, vendor management, risk mitigation, talent management and more - we’ve been there, too. Blocshop management has a combined 60+ years’ experience in management and operations across all areas all areas of software development.


Professional Communication

Effective project communication significantly impacts the outcome of any project, often determining its success or failure. Blocshop excels at running structured, clear and precise, let us share our experience with you and your team.



Our mantra is ”keeping our commitments since 2012” , as it emphasizes the company-wide focus on meeting client objectives. Your projects will always be safety supported by our professional commitment.


Proven Technological Expertise

The stable Blocshop core team has lent it skills and experiences to a diverse number of development projects. When you work with us, you have our guarantee that we will staff your project with a team of experienced resources.

The Approach

Blocshop is a place where intelligent humans work together on challenging projects in a low-stress atmosphere.  

Make a direct impact on the operations and profitability of international organizations with the projects you architect and implement. 

With us, you can work on engaging projects and live your best life when you’re not in work mode. 

We are presently hiring for both our own product development as well as for client projects in areas such as sustainability-minded consumer electronics and fintech among others. 

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“Blocshop helped us to formulate what we were looking for more concretely, and they did it in a short time. Once they saw the vision of where the app was going, they didn’t need to be told every detail. They made suggestions of their own, and that really added value to the product.”

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Fairphone- Technical Product Manager

“The technical excellence and 'can do' attitude at Blocshop is unique on the market and I am delighted with our cooperation to date and look forward to continuing our relationship long into the future.”

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Asseco SolutionsDirector - Asseco Solutions

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Greg started his career as a developer before transitioning into a management role in 2015. He has worked for a startups as a devoper and as a CTO in SMEs, as well as a few large corporations.He believes that if a software idea can be conceived, it can be implemented.

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