About us

Who we are

Our leadership

Blocshop Greg

Gregory Crawley


Greg started his career as a developer before transitioning into a management role in 2005. He has worked for startups as a developer and as a CTO in SMEs, as well as a few large corporations. He believes that if a software idea can be conceived, it can be implemented.

Blocshop Ryan

Ryan McGloin

Managing Director

Ryan is an entrepreneurial executive with more than 20 years of experience in the Banking and IT Industry. He has been practicing agile development methods since 2005 and has led and delivered several high profile projects and initiatives.

Blocshop Constantine

Constantine Nalimov

Lead Architect

Constantine has been working with Greg since 2007. He has been the lead developer and architect on each of the projects that the Blocshop team has delivered over the years. Constantine is an evangelist for microservices and Domain Driven Design.

Blocshop Armen

Armen Sarkisian

Tbilisi Head

Armen has led the Georgian branch of Blocshop nearly since its inception in 2014. A lifelong learning enthusiast, Armen facilitates monthly workshops with the Blocshop team to introduce new technologies and approaches.

How we work

Our approach

Blocshop has been delivering great software remotely since 2012. All of our projects are guided by certified agile practitioners at no cost to our clients. We believe that agile methods help us protect our engagements and deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We work with four core cooperation models.

Project delivery model

This cooperation model is the most common. It contains a daily scrum and a demo of new features & retrospective.

Extended team model

Adds additional resources to your current processes. This model is ideal for SMEs when they need to increase development capacity.

Cherry picking model

Your core team can often be overloaded with tasks or face issues with project delivery. Redirect tasks to Blocshop.

Innovation lab model

When a company reaches a certain size, it can find it hard to focus on innovation. Outsource additional headcount for innovative projects.

Where we are

Our offices

We believe that the environments in which we work play a big part in how we feel in our lives. Blocshop has spent a lot of time trying to ensure that each of our locations reflects this value.

Blocshop Prague office

Prague office

Krakovská 1392/7

110 00 Nové Město

Czech Republic

Blocshop Tbilisi office

Tbilisi office

34 Irakli Abashidze st.



blocshop Brno office

Brno office

Kobližná 2

602 00 Brno

Czech Republic

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