Open banking API connectors and sophisticated logic for aggregating complex portfolio data for a Family Offices SaaS product

Asora stands out as a top software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform, specializing in reporting for Family Offices.

The development of Asora's product was comprehensively managed by Blocshop, starting from the initial concept stage, illustrated on a whiteboard, all the way to its full implementation and deployment with major corporate clients.

This development process involved the integration of multiple external APIs, which allowed Asora to connect with various 3rd party services and platforms to enhance its functionality.

Additionally, Blocshop implemented sophisticated logic for aggregating complex portfolio data. This feature is crucial for Family Offices, as it enables them to consolidate and manage their investment information efficiently, providing clear insights into their financial holdings.

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The Opportunity

Blocshop was tasked with providing a web application that supports the ‘Challenger’ sales process for the CEB division of Gartner. This task demanded the delivery of a greenfield project that would encompass a complete suite of CRM like functionality.

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The Approach

In technology terms, this was a full-stack project that was implemented using the .NET core framework for server-side APIs and Angular for the front-end implementation. The project was implemented using a mixture of ASP.NET Core, Angular, Material Design, SQL Server and was delivered on Microsoft Azure. Agile methods were used to keep strong communication and collaboration which was key to the project's success.

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About Asora

The core product of Asora is software designed specifically for modern family offices. It provides an integrated platform that automates the aggregation of bankable and private asset data, generates robust performance monitoring, and creates customized reporting.

This system aims to replace traditional methods such as spreadsheets and manual reporting with a single platform that includes features like automated data aggregation, customizable performance reporting, accounting and tax information management, and tracking of various types of assets (including private assets).

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