16 Web application ideas to start a business with

16 Web application ideas to start a business with

Has your well of creativity run a dry lately? Or maybe you’re looking to take your business to the next level, but aren’t sure where to go? We’ve got a rundown of the facts you need to know for your next big hit — a web application.

What is a web application?

If you’ve made it to this website, you already know what a web application is, but just in case you’re unsure, here’s a quick explanation. A web application is a computer-based program that uses the Internet to perform specific functions for the user. This can be anything from a pizza joint’s make-your-own-pie page, to an online appointment reservation system at your local doctor’s office.

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There are 4 different categories of web app. Read on, discover each of them, and decide which is best for you.

Enterprise level web applications

This type of application is one that can be added to a business or company, or used on its own to create a startup.

  • Delivery – Online shopping is on the rise as more and more people find brick and mortar stores to be a hassle. If your company sells a product, but doesn’t have delivery or online shopping, this is an easy way to increase sales.
  • Buy/sell/odd jobs – Something else that’s becoming increasingly popular is buy and sell apps. In lieu of dragging all our stuff to the lawn and selling it the old fashioned way, web apps where people can post listings is easier, faster, and more successful.
  • Data storage space – Many small business or independent entrepreneurs need space to store their data. They aren’t large enough need their own servers, but aren’t small enough to not need space at all.
  • eWallet – A digital wallet that provides a variety of services is an almost guaranteed success. The app could compile the user’s info from multiple banks, provide for easy transferring between accounts, or offer pay-by-phone capabilities.

B2B web applications

B2B web apps, short for business to business, are for employers or business managers to improve some internal functions.

  • Event organizer – Within the company, an application that employees can use to organize team events, outings, or meetings is something that many companies need. Similarly, apps that track work schedules are also very popular.
  • Employee training – Providing a platform for businesses to upload and assign training materials to new students is a sensible idea. Most positions need at least a little bit of training, and having it online can make it easier. Employers can upload their own videos, create training module questions, and more.
  • Chat bots – You might have encountered these before – AI-based bots you can talk to any time of day, that can lead you to what you need on a website. They’re quite helpful and save a lot of time for people who can’t find what they’re booking for.
  • Voice search – Like chat bots, voice search web applications assist the user in finding what they need within a website, without typing.

B2C web applications

This stands for business to customer, and these apps are what you can use you can tap into the market, rather than internal functions.

  • Job recruitment – Providing a platform for companies to list their open positions online is practically guaranteed success. Someone, somewhere, always needs a new job.
  • Coupons and sales – Everyone loves coupons and sales! An app that finds offers for the user will always be a success.
  • Education and eLearning – People always want to learn, but we also tend to want it to be as easy and painless as possible. Providing a service for online learning, where students can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes, is an idea that will benefit many.
  • Personal assistant – So many people are overwhelmed with all sorts of tasks and obligations in their day to day lives. An app that can help them organize and prioritize things will be a great help.

Small budget web applications

Last but not least, there’s a category dedicated to low budget web applications. These can function as any of the above categories, the only difference is that they are cheaper to make, and are usually simpler than other types of web apps.

  • Review platform – An easy service to make is any sort of review platform. People love expressing their opinions on the Internet, so giving them a means to do it is an affordable way to create a business.
  • Image/Gif hosting – Just like with reviews, people love memes and gifs. Image hosting will provide your local meme-lords with a way to store and share all their funny gifs and photos.
  • Social connection – Although Facebook remains one of the most popular social networking sites in the game, there’s still a market for other social platforms. Connecting people through hobbies or other interests brings the community together, and puts money in your pocket.
  • Stress management – One thing we all have too much of is stress. Providing an affordable collection of stress reliving practices through an app is far cheaper than seeking therapy, and saves time for a lot of us who can’t afford the time or money to spend on a profession.

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How to bring your ideas to life

  1. Make a list of features – what do you want the application to do, exactly?
  1. Market research – is there a niche for you to fit in? In other words, is there a hole in the market you want to fill?
  1. Define target audience – Who are you advertising to? Who needs your app the most?
  1. Come up with an outline – A basic mock up of what your application will be, and what it will do.
  1.  Find a developer (or develop it yourself)Outsourcing web developement is an easy way to get the tech you need, fast. Read on how software development cost is calculated.
  1.  Ready to launch – The process is a lot more nuanced, of course, but these are the basic steps you need to follow to make your app come to life!

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